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Friday, December 28, 2012

GM Candidates: Associations with HC Candidates

The General Manager/Head Coach association thing gets overblown – the idea that a GM is going to pick a head coach (or recommend one, depending on your viewpoint of how that will go – Ron Rivera interviewed with Jerry Richardson, but no one else did.  Did JR hire Rivera, or just approve?) based more on association than competence is a stretch, but it happens – Marty Hurney knew John Fox from many years before 2002, for instance. However, my favorite GM-candidate until hired by the Raiders, Reggie McKenzie, failed to really go after anyone from the Green Bay organization despite numerous potential hires (including Joe Philbin, who went to Miami).

This list is more to put together any scenarios that provide association to possible head coach candidates, not to say “this is what this GM would do”.

*Marc Ross – the young Giants exec doesn’t have a lot of heavy association in his rolodex.  He’s really not old enough to have dealt with a rolodex, either, but it’s a metaphor.  Go with it.
-His time with the Eagles (1997-2003, including 00-03 as college scouting director) lends him to an association with any Eagles staffer with Andy Reid.
That includes the incumbent coach, Ron Rivera; that doesn’t guarantee that Rivera would be asked to stay, but Rivera’s time with the Eagles was very positive. DC Sean McDermott was a staffer there throughout that time
Unlikely the team scapegoats Rob Chudzinski in my opinion, but if there was a change at OC, Marty Morhinweg, Pat Shurmur, or Brad Childress might be called on; Rivera coached with Childress and Shurmur. It would also give inroads to Juan Castillo if a new OL coach was wanted on the existing staff, though it appears he and Rivera associate strongly anyway.

-His association with the Giants (07-current) gives him current Giants DC Perry Fewell, a Panthers candidate in ’11, and for those that find it a positive, a Gastonia native.  Bucs OC and former Giant staffer Mike Sullivan would assocate but it’s highly unlikely that would bear any fruit.
-His association the Bills provides very little for the Mike Mularkey/Jerry Gray associations.  Steve Spagnuolo was only there one year and likely doesn’t rate high as a 2nd chance head coach.

-His association with Princeton is intriguing if Jason Garrett, and assumedly his brother Judd (Cowboys pro personnel director) are let go at the end of the year. I have no idea if Ross (’94) knows, associates with, or gets along with either Garrett (’89 and ’90 Princeton grads), but since there aren’t a lot of Princeton alumni at the head of NFL orgs, it’s highly unlikely they aren’t aware of each other’s relative success.   Garrett would be intriguing as a Coryell guy, and while he hasn’t met the Cowboys’ overall expectations, it’s hard to say that a lot has. He carries a possible ace in the hole, in Bill Callahan.

*Tom Gamble – the 49ers exec leaves more failed coaches in his wake than positives in seven years.  The Eagles years for Gamble are too far away to help; the Colts (98-04) connection isn’t going to get you anything.
-From Jim Harbaugh’s staff, I believe in Mark Roman as a rising star, and the 49ers are very Coryell based despite this notion that Harbaugh is WCO.  Roman was a Panther at the onset of his pro coaching career, for the very short time Gamble was in Carolina.
-since I don’t know that I see Bill Polian going to an NFL team, son Chris probably would follow Gamble, and Chris was once escorted out of the Panthers’ Mint Street facilities after Bill left.  Not a dealbreaker for Gamble, but hard to say it helps.

*Dave Gettleman – Being with the Giants gives him limited options – Fewell, since I can’t imagine that Jim Fassell or any assistants are going to be on the radar. His Broncos and Bills ties have no real bearing.  Not that it pushes any GM candidate toward or away associative hires, but it does suggest Gettleman is unlikely to hire a known associate.

*Joey Clinkscales – a one year Raider after the draft, I’ll skip past that – as a hire in May, he wasn’t even around to help put together Dennis Allen’s interview or help line up assistants.  So, let’s move to his Jets connections.  17 years there is a lot of time.
-Parcells-era connections – obviously, Bill (and Bill) are out.  Al Groh isn’t realistic at this point.  Charlie Weis doesn’t seem to pack much punch, and too many of his recommendations ended up helping cost John Fox.
-Eric Mangini isn’t even in the top 5 of guys you might want to coax back out of television. I don’t know if Herm Edwards is, either. In an ideal world, if a new head coach were hired that needed some defensive help, one of them would be a good DC.  But in the world we live in, being a mediocre head coach provides you the ability to get paid millions to not work in the game anymore.
-Rex Ryan might hold a little interest, for a retread.
-Brian Schottenheimer was an interesting name at one point – he spent years with the Jets.  Not a hot name at all, but somewhat interesting in that he’s a Coryell guy.  Still, the best part of those teams involved the running game, and a lot of that flows to Bill Callahan.

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