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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Massive Win

       Despite a really crappy center of the game, epicenter of which came at a 24-3 Saints run, Carolina started and finished this game on a very high note, dropping New Orleans on the road 44-38. 

       It was a bit of payback - throwing the Saints to an all-time NFL high in yards allowed per season, a year after the Saints had set numerous records on Carolina offensively. 

        Cam Newton was a solid 16 for 33 with an INT, unfortunately which was returned for a TD; he pitched in 248 yards.  No touchdowns - each of the team's 5 TD drives went to backs.  Mike Tolbert had 3, Deangelo Williams added 2, and a career high 210 yards. 

      It was a game that looked out of hand for Carolina for a while, and then pushed back to take a 10+ point lead that didn't dip down to 6 points until a very late gimme TD by Darren Sproles. 

      And, that's the 2012 season.  7-9, 2nd in the division.  Team will pick 14th.
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