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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Advisor(s) Lend Hope

Washington game upcoming - I may be able to write up something, but the steam's come out of lengthy gameplan articles when the team finds its way out of winning so often at the last minute.  The team's hopes are on the future, and right now it's a future that unfortunately lends itself more to daydream of the future, or at least waiting around knowing that a lot of what's happening isn't going to be relevant to what will happen after.  It's frustrating - especially in that there's a 5 game losing streak in which most of the games were very winnable.

I've made no bones about what I feel has happened to this team -- the ego issues with John Fox, the Hurney/Richardson plans in 2011.  It's not "new" information that the team will hire a consultant for its GM position, nor is it that new that change is necessary.   But, I wanted to drop in some reasons I felt like the right consultant would do this team a lot of good.

*The four times the team has hired a head coach, they've only interviwed defensive-minded coaches.
I'm fine with that, but don't limit yourself to that.  I wasn't dying for Steve Spurrier, the hot name in 2002; but, clearly Jim Harbaugh was the right choice and Carolina didn't talk to him.  Miami even talked to him -- and they didn't have an opening.

There may be pressure to hire offensively, to lead with Cam Newton's strengths and that turn around.  I don't know that's "needed" either, as any good hire should have a good counterpoint on the other side of the ball and a cohesive strategy for what to do on both sides.

*It reduces cronyism.
A GM might or might not hire "his" guy (for instance, my favorite GM candidate before this year was Reggie McKenzie, a Packer who I would've bet money would hire their assistant head coach Winston Moss), but it would reduce chance that a GM or coach candidate would have much stronger ties to Carolina than necessary.  That pushes out the chance that Brandon Beane or others would receive a promotion unnecessarily, or that the team would end up hiring a Mike McCoy or Kevin Greene as head coach.  I don't really believe in McCoy, and Greene's just Rob Ryan without experience.

*It reduces JR's own reliance on his tight circle of confidants, which is more or less comprised of a few other owners.
While there's a Giants front office staffer I wouldn't mind as GM, there should be a level of due dilligence, not just trust of another owner's recommendation.
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