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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

V/S ATL - Aftermath

There are no moral victories.  Carolina coming up short based on a last-second kick to Atlanta is a lot better than it could’ve been, but as a team, it wasn’t good enough to win.  Quickly, to start off with, there were a couple pivotal moments in the game that unfortunately all came in a row:

*Cam Newton’s third down dive for a would-be first down: it’s unfortunate he fumbled, on what clearly would’ve been a first down.   That happens diving like that, but it’s not Newton’s fault.   I was interested in seeing how the spot would settle things up, but in one of the rare times it was reversed that I’ve seen, it cost Carolina a yard.

*Not going for it on 4th and 1: I could see it if the spot had stayed at the 3 inch barrier, but from a yard out, it’s tougher.  I really do believe that the right call was to burn the clock, give the punter room, and kick.  It worked – downed at the 1 is ideal.

*The Roddy White catch:
It’s not that big a surprise that a Pro Bowl level, 6’4 receiver, the same player that led the league in targets last year, came down with a football that was a jump ball.
Before things get too far into the blame game, consider that.  As well, various people want to blame Sean McDermott (who had an up and down game, but consider his call allowed Nakamura to double White, and to get position on White) or Nakamura (who got that position, and mistimed his leap by a half-second). Nakamura is 5’10, gives up 6 inches to White, and jumped a little too early. That’s essentially all that happened.

Honestly, I believe the Falcons were hoping for a PI call there.  That’s what they were after, and Carolina played it so that didn’t happen.  They got their luck, and that’s the gist of it.

Tackling was a major enough issue to give Atlanta a full score with Michael Turner taking on his first career receiving touchdown, with Carolina defenders just bouncing off him on a middle screen.   Should be ashamed of that effort, honestly.

Loved the ability of the defensive line.  Tyson Clabo isn’t a terrible tackle, and that line overall had given up only 4 sacks all season.  Charles Johnson got his 3.5, Greg Hardy got one – Frank Alexander got another one.  Hardy and Johnson had been working on a ton of near-misses over the last few weeks, so it was nice to see it finished
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