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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Holmgren Out In Cleveland

Mike Holmgren, former championship head coach, is out as Browns President.

So why might this be relevant to Carolina?

In 1999, Jerry Richardson had a big checkbook in hand for coaching – and had his eye on Holmgren.  It’s rare a Super Bowl winning head coach becomes available, and Holmgren was – wanting GM control.  Seattle wrote a quick check to make it happen, though success didn’t come until he relinquished the GM controls.  Richardson moved quickly to plan B (George Seifert, who quickly built an offensive staff to his liking, but struggled with losing out on bids like Marvin Lewis for DC, and kept GM control himself without much under him in the front office).  So maybe the ideal of claiming something that was once out of reach would be ideal for Richardson.  Maybe not.

It would have to come in under the ideal of Marty Hurney being gone – and it’s too early to really discuss that.  But it’s interesting that Holmgren is available, Bill Parcells style, and it’d be interesting to see whether Carolina would have any interest in a GM role for Holmgren.  I don’t know that I’d personally suggest it at this point, since Holmgren is a bit of a meddler and it’s my opinion he and Richardson would clash to a point – and that the sea change that would come of a hire like this would be detrimental to the long term growth of the team.  Holmgren hires West Coast Offense guys – and while the WCO is a sound philosophy, I don’t think it fits this team’s makeup.

As well, the constant change under the Browns, now and since it’s re-introduction a poor franchise, has been detrimental.  Is Brandon Weeden the right guy?  Not sure.  Should Colt McCoy have been given a longer chance?  Maybe, maybe not.  But now McCoy’s situation is likely to become Weeden’s.  Drafted by a front office and head coach that doesn’t reside in the building anymore, having been judged by play as a rookie and maybe a 2nd year, expected to produce whether it was logical or not.   Not the biggest fan of either QB, really, but both have been mismanaged and their situations bungled.   Was Holmgren going to turn everything around in this short of time?  Maybe not, but it’s not the best situation right now.  There’s not a lot of positivity in what Holmgren has done in Cleveland, so I wouldn’t expect hope in any suggestion of him in Carolina.

I’m certain, for his own accord, Holmgren is unhappy that he perennially had the 49ers job(s) on his mind, and now available himself, the 49ers are contenders, with a young head coach/GM combo that should last a good while at this rate.  I honestly don’t know that Holmgren would be interested here, or anywhere else.   He may be a steadying force somewhere – assuming he doesn’t hire too many cronies – if he was able to put a good, young GM candidate under him, and hire an up and coming head coach at just the right time, he could leave a franchise on the way up as he inevitably heads on the way out.

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