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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inactives v/s Tampa

Anticipation of the game finally happening is making me post a lot - sorry - here are today's inactives:

7 Clausen, 
26 D. Campbell, 
28 Stewart, 
62 Byers, 
73 B. Campbell, 
94 Fua, 
98 Keiser

A few thoughts here: 
*Shame to see Keiser here, but he's the 5th end. That happens. 
*3 DT - hope that doesn't cause any issues. 
*6 WR - what value does Armanti Edwards provide right now? 

related to that last one:
*2 RB - just Tolbert and DW. 

*4 TE - technically you can count Brockel as either, I guess, but weird. 

*I felt like Bruce Campbell was the better tackle, so I hate to see Garry Williams get a jersey instead. 

It'll be interesting to see how this ends up with Stewart active again.  I imagine it becomes a choice between Brockel and Hartsock.
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