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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Football Hangover: V/S Giants, Aftermath

There should be a Thursday night mercy rule.  The NFL could easily impose some form of situation where the integity of the game is compromised to the benefit of the losing team when the score gets over 20 points.  Sundays, you have the day to compose yourself.  Thursday, you’re going to have to go to bed with that game on your mind.  It ruins your Friday, as I can attest.  You get the added bonus of waiting 10 days for the other shoe to drop, so you can either get the dread of seeing them fail again, or redeem themselves to make you wonder why they couldn’t have pulled it together before.

Coming in, there was hope: leaving this, there’s not much. And I don’t honestly want to process what it all means right now.

There are plenty that do – that want to figure it all out right now, based on this one game.  For me, coaching moves are taken care of in December, at earliest.  I don’t know what this game means for Ron Rivera.  But, I know that I can’t get past last night, and I’m not going to sit there and worry about who might be a hot head coaching prospect in 2014 or whether or not to cut Jon Beason in 2015.

Carolina hasn’t looked good in prime time since a meaningless 2009 game against Minnesota.  I don’t know why – just as I don’t know why this team is so moody.  I don’t have good answers right now, and anyone certain of those answers have questions I honestly don’t trust.  I know I expected more, and I'm disappointed in what was left behind after those expectations waned.
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