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Saturday, August 11, 2012

V/S Houston Preseason 2012

Houston comes in much like in late 2011 – a talented team with high aspirations – but this time they’re less injured.  Just a preseason game so I won’t go over the hardcore points – they’re a team similar to Carolina in many respects, similar lineage.

The offense is different in principle – a WCO derivative attack – but they use a similar zone blocking scheme. They feature a lot of cutback running, and counter plays; they prefer a bigger receiver.

On defense, Wade Phillips uses the 3-4 as a one-gap, attacking scheme. They’re big and powerful up front but they’re not playing their lineman to the flow, they’re attacking a gap and trying to get after the ball.  Blitz schemes are there but aren’t complicated, nor would they be in preseason anyway.

It’s just preseason, but unless Carolina makes some big plays, Houston’s currently a better team – and they may begrudge late last season’s loss.  I anticipate a Carolina loss, but hope to see the following:

*better tackling
*better return and coverage units
*inspired play from all units
*some big plays from the backup receivers
*plenty of running

And will be watching the following battles closely:
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