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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vets Muddle WR List

With WR David Gettis still on PUP, you’d have figured for some of the young WR to step up.  Some have, they’re just not necessarily the homegrown variety.

The Panthers have three different slot-type receivers, drafted between the 3rd and 5th the last few years, in Armanti Edwards, Kealoha Pilares, and Joe Adams.  But as of right now, it appears the step-up guys are the more experienced duo of Louis Murphy (trade, Oakland) and Seji Ajirotutu (SD, waivers last year).  That pair, along with a still-nursing Gettis, appear to be what’s behind Steve Smith.

I’m sure more time in games will distinguish further what’s happening (a bit of input from Gettis couldn’t hurt either), but it appears that experience is a critical piece in the puzzle.  Last year, while he split time with Brandon LaFell, Legedu Naanee clearly was the starter when able.  He had more experience, both in the offense and in general.  Same with Murphy (Oakland was a Coryell while he was there) and Ajirotutu (obviously, San Diego) – both have the nuances of the offense down a little better. Hopefully, for Carolina’s sake, the pair will be better than Naanee, who was a liability.

But that leaves a matter of numbers – if Gettis comes back, he’s one of the top 5.  So what do you do with the other three guys?  The three shorter, less experienced guys have to fit somewhere, too.  Mental note – somehow keep Carolina from continuing to draft small WR.

Jared Green, who can still barely be mentioned without noting his lineage as son of Darrell Green, appears to have done well enough to possibly stick on the practice squad. The team does still like Darvin Adams, who’s still eligible. They’re not short for WR, clearly. They just have to sort through and find the ones who are most able.

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