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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Julius Peppers Situation

Let me start by offering this statement: I’d rather have Julius Peppers than not.  If it cost us Charles Johnson a year later, I’d have been OK with that, and I wanted Johnson back at all costs.

The below doesn’t change that, nor the somewhat recent revelation that Peppers, who’s never been a guy I’d consider “strong”, doesn’t lift weights at all.   He definitely should’ve played stronger for a 285 lb left end, but that’s another story (as is that he’s never really achieved what any of us thought he could, in the face of other players regularly hitting 15, 18, 20 sack seasons).  Still, rather have him.  And, honestly, I think the team has always felt the same.

While we’re on it, I’m married to a UNC alum, and outside of them not playing my own alma mater on any sort of reasonable terms, generally don’t hold anything against the university, or its sports teams.  I kinda dislike guys who overhype UNC people, but that's a different thing.

Recent allegations have come out stating that Julius Peppers was a key example of the Carolina Way not being quite as pristine as many had hoped.  That the indiscretions were not dating back to 2007 and Butch Davis/football, but maybe before Peppers himself, and probably including Peppers.  Disturbing, to a point.  Somehow, his transcript came online recently as well. 

Peppers’ ‘advisor’, Carl Carey, provided influence to instructors to get some classes passed.  Peppers’ own transcript has come out, and let’s just say it features as many failures as the Dan Henning offense.  At least Dan intended on setting up the punt.   Peppers clearly didn’t do well in school, providing a little more insight to a very private person – and I’d say he himself isn’t happy with the attention he’s helping bring to himself or his alma mater.

I never trusted Carey, the advisor who magically turned agent, who has just the one client ( I don’t know if Julius himself wanted out, or Carey was a guiding force there, but Carey was a guy I always felt helped bring misery to the team since 2007.  The more recent stories have shed light on the ethics of both Peppers and Carey over time, and it’s hard to say that there’s a better identifier of what’s going on than this:

Dan Kane is the reporter at the Raleigh N&O digging into this story, and recently there was a website created to blast Kane and discredit his reporting – setup by Carey himself, with his own business name and contact information involved.  The website is more or less innocuous – but it shows Carey’s own continued ties to the situation, despite being an agent or adviser Peppers’ going pro, and most likely a little guilt, too. Carey taught a class at UNC while attempting to persuade another UNC client, Robert Quinn, to sign with him.  To this point, Carey has only represented UNC alumni.

Also thought it was interesting that Peppers attempted to put a 300’ restraining order against the public regarding the water behind his house.   Not as sure what to make of that, but didn’t know it until now.
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