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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Little More Staff Tweaking

Looking over the team site, it's not just Steve Wilks that gets a title addition.

Ricky Proehl has gone from "Offensive Consultant" to "Assistant Receivers Coach", potentially just a tweak in responsibility but hopefully a sign that Proehl will be more involved in the day to day coaching tasks.

As a consultant, it appeared Proehl was more of a gameday and camp helper, an additional opinion in the room and a guy who could help out individual prospects at different times.  The team hasn't really determined what Proehl's role had been, or why it appeared he was somewhat part time.  I don't know if there was any conflict due to Proehlific Park and the lockout, or if Proehl was part time so he could get his affairs in order to help out more permanently.  It's impossible to say, outside of delving into his own business.  Unwilling to do so, I'll just rattle my gums about it here.

The move, in speculation, might mean more interaction day to day with players, and may also change the role of Offensive Assistant Scott Turner.  Since Turner had a background in receivers as well, and spends a lot of time with coordinator Rob Chudzinski, it's possible that Turner's more freed up to delve into the details.

Either way, Carolina has a wide array of young receivers in which they have investment, and a title change for Proehl likely adds permanency to his time at Mint Street.  You can't not like that.

Outside of Wilks' addition and the tweak of title, there aren't any staff changes outside of adding Richard Rodgers.  The Cal alum is the third assistant to come to Rivera's staff without any pro experience (he did intern with the Raiders in '96) but has 22 years experience in college.  The veteran special teams and DBs coach will likely help out both, but his title is Assistant Special Teams Coach.  Given last year's issues, you have to hope it will help - tackling was terrible, and the kicking game was no better, though only Jason Baker paid a price.  If the new coach can help milk a little value out of Olindo Mare, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
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