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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nelson Rosaro added

Before I get into Rosario's potential:
He was cut from the Jaguars, without appearing in much more than workouts.  I don't understand it, but there's always the potential that there's more than the average fan sees.

Carolina signed UCLA TE/WR Nelson Rosario this week, a tweener receiver who may require an unorthodox path to success in the NFL.   The 6'5, 230 lb averaged 18 yards on 61 catches as a senior, and has shown 4.55 speed at workouts.  He's lacking consistency, is probably too big to consistently play WR, and has no real shot at adding bulk to be an in-line tight end.

But there's a lot of intrigue there, and this is an ideal spot for him to grow into a role.  Consider the big, power forward type TEs in the Coryell offense - Kellen Winslow (the original, not the fake), Tony Gonzalez, and Antonio Gates.  Rosario has the body, and the body control, to box out defenders.  He has long arms and big hands - an ideal catching radius - and routinely can make incredible catches.  His routes, when good, leave DBs lagging.

But that's the end of the good news.  It doesn't always show up on tape, in that he can make incredible catches but he'll miss too many easy ones.  Those routes can become sloppy quickly.  He doesn't easily have a position that will keep him on the field regularly, and he's not a special teamer.

Personally, while the pair aren't the same, and they're not related, there's a remembrance of Dante Rosario.  I had a lot of hope for the elder Rosario in his time here, and was hoping he'd stick around in this more friendly offense but he didn't.  As good as it looked like Rosario could be, there was inconsistency.  There were fans who felt like Dante could play WR, too.

That Rosario was an average athlete, though - a college fullback, at that - and this one is pretty remarkable.   Maybe this one will work out better, but if he doesn't, it's up to him and his effort level. 
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