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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#143 - Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina

One of the players I'd kept a strong eye on, Norman is a big (6'0, 200), physical
corner with surprising athleticism for a guy who fell because of a 4.6 40 at the
combine. But his tape shows a guy who stays with his receivers, and goes after the
ball (which becomes a jump ball due to his coverage) at its highest point.  He has
good ball skills, long arms, a lot of toughness in his game, and while he appears to be a better football player than athlete (which is more than fine), he's also coming from a smaller school so there may be room for him to develop speed in the next year or so.

Norman's size is helpful, but his body control for his size makes him ideal for going up and getting a ball he has a chance to get.  His technique is good, and he stays low in his drops to allow him to turn and run easily.  
Norman had apparently been a signee at Georgia but couldn't keep his grades up.  
That landed him at Coastal.  He apparently knows fellow Panther and Coastal alum
Mike Tolbert, who looks to play a prominent role in the offense.  He'll fight for
time with Brandon Hogan as the nickel, and I would anticipate he'll have a leg up on the other kids on the roster.

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