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Sunday, May 6, 2012

#104 - Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas

Still slow in pushing my thoughts out - sorry.  Hectic couple of weeks. 

Continuing the run on athletes from the heartland, Joe Adams is a shifty receiver in the Steve Smith mold - something that's not said lightly.   Adams (5'11, 180) is built somewhat like Smith, with a barrel chest, longer than average arms for his size, and bigger than average hands for his size.  Like Smith, he's electric with the ball in his hands and very fast, but timed out at the combine slower.  

Adams ran a 4.55, after promising a 4.2 - followed by a 4.47 at pro day.  The 4.2 was overly ambitious - it may have cost him a bit - but does he seem to have legitimate speed below 4.4?  Possibly.   For whatever reason, he wasn't testing out that fast.  Adams stated it was due to additional weight - stating so at his Pro Day. His 10'3 broad jump and his 20/60 shuttle numbers were average.  

But, Carolina did meet with Adams for two full days, being one of a handful of WR to meet with the team. 

The bottom line is that Carolina has drafted at least one WR in the last three drafts.  It's unprecedented, and leaves the team with five guys with two full years' experience or less that were drafted by the team. 
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