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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stephon Gilmore?

Recently, Stephon Gilmore has been racing up the draft boards, based on reports.  There’s been talk of him both at #7 (Jacksonville), and here at #9 with Carolina.
Gilmore has risen, in part because of the folly of other CBs (Jannoris Jenkins’ rapid population of the earth, both his and Dre Kirkpatrick’s weed habit, and Alfonso Dennard’s rage issues on players, cops, etc), and before that rise, was still considered possibly the better pure cover corner over even Morris Claiborne.   He excels in man coverage, and the team used Chris Gamble in man a lot last year.  That may not actually equate to how they’d use their corners this year that much.
So there’s some legitimate basis for Gilmore to go high.  Some scouts have him that high.  But some suggest that he’s better in the man schemes and playing under in cover 2 than he would be at sitting back in zone and breaking routes. 
In the end, I and many actual scouts still don’t have him that high.  I’d prefer a small trade down, with the hope of getting him or another CB or rusher, as that 16 range (around the Jets and Eagles, two teams that seem to want up) might bring better value (and another 2nd rounder, hopefully).   If Gilmore isn’t there, there are plenty of other players I like that seem to be good value there as well (edge rushers Courtney Upshaw, among others; the other malcontent CBs; David Decastro provides a better value there, and so on).
The upside is, if Gilmore does go as high as Jacksonville, that gives a higher chance of a Quentin Coples falling.
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