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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kuechly Presser

I"m gleaning words from the Panthers presser here:

They trusted their board, took the best guy.  "If he was there" more or less stating that he was a guy they had very high on the board.
They wanted him, he was a guy they weren't going to entertain trade offers to get. That was a scenario they intended to stay and pick him.

Kuechly can play all 3 spots, will play if he's one of the 3 best LB.  They don't mention 3-4 at all, which in my own opinion isn't that relevant as they had guys who can play ILB. They're not stuck on he or Beason playing outside.

No impact on any injury concerns, per both.
They liked LB later in the draft by a good bit, but felt he was too good to pass.

Rivera "truly excited" to get him.  Has special ability.
Hurney adds "right work ethic, approach, hunger.  He brings all those things."
Rivera mentions locker room.  Suggests they felt Coples might not be the hard worker (I"m putting that statement in his mouth, honestly).

They also stated they had no intention of trading back into the first, so maybe Hurney has learned that lesson.
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