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Monday, April 9, 2012

For/Against: Trading Up For Claiborne

I've argued in the past that CB is the team's biggest need. Competition in this division requires good pass defense. But, as it stands, the best corner in the draft (Morris Claiborne), despite recent wonderlic reports, won't be there at #9.

Without a consensus on what to do with that 9 pick (and many of them being pedestrian LB, OL ideas), there's a suggestion of the need to trade up for Claiborne. So, let's do a little For/Against on the idea, and see what comes out of it.


*Claiborne would radically upgrade the corner spot, teaming with Chris Gamble for much better coverage. Captain Munnerlyn goes back to spot duty, where he excelled.

*teams seem to want to trade out of the top 10, or move within it. More demand means better value.

*With the new rules, Claiborne will cost a great deal less than a free agent corner, even in a trade-up. It won't cost an excessive amount monetarily to make a move up. Compare that to 2010, the final year of the old pay structure, where a move from 9 (CJ Spiller, 5 years, $25 million/20 million guaranteed) to 6 (Russell Okung, 6 years, up to $58 million) would create major cap issues.


*Cost is too high, even with more demand going down. Take the 6th pick - which means that Tampa has passed on Claiborne. By the traditional value chart, the 6th pick is worth 1600 points, the 9 1350 points. So to keep from giving up future firsts - which I think we've learned is a terrible idea by now - the 2nd (40) pick is worth 500. So with 1850 points of value, the Rams' 3rd (65) just about fits (265 points). So you move up three spots, give up the difference of a round in your next most important selection.

*The second round seems like a better place to naturally receive a corner. As of right now, you could get a scrappy slot/outside guy in Brandon Boykin/Georgia, a fluid and instinctive athlete in Jamell Fleming/Oklahoma, a heady and productive Casey Heyward/Vandy.

*more importantly, you could see Dre Kirkpatrick/Alabama, Stephon Gilmore/South Carolina, or Janoris Jenkins/North Alabama fall. There are options. Gilmore and Jenkins may each be as good at covering in man and zone as Claiborne.

*Claiborne isn't the only thing you need. Even if you forget about the offense (WR/OL), and just focus on defense, corner isn't the only concern. The team needs defensive line and linebacker help, and chances are, it wouldn't sleep on a difference maker at safety if one did show up.

So, losing a future pick to ensure the drafting of one guy that can help immensely, leaves you without other help.
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