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Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 pick - Luke Kuechly

Carolina went with the guy I least wanted, of the guys that were most likely.

Though, for a moment I actually did worry that they would pick Mark Barron, though I don't trust that rumor.

So, they picked the most fundamental defensive player in the draft, so that's good.  We have no defense so it makes sense.

But, from a purely need standpoint, theywe could've picked up a LB in the 4th.  

On the upside, Quentin Coples is falling fast based on Carolina's passing of him.  And, Carolina won't have to worry whether or not their top pick actually cares.

What I hate is what I think it means for our LBs.  If Beason is in decent shape, what happens with Davis?   Also, for better or worse, we are spending far too much money at LB.

Honestly, I'm kinda shocked.  I couldn't think of a single LB that Rivera was in charge of, with the talent we had at LB already.  He's never gone after a blue chip LB.  I didn't expect one, but enough people did that I should have.
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