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Monday, March 19, 2012

Stewart Trade Rumors Die Down

I have to admit, while I like the Pat Yasinskas ideal that the Panthers are using Mike Tolbert, picked up today, primarily as a fullback, I do think back longingly at the idea of getting great value out of Jonathan Stewart.

Stewart's a better back than anyone currently a free agent, and at a low deal this year ($3 million). He has low miles, and honestly, he might be more talented than Deangelo Williams if he can get more carries.

It's down to where I don't want him to go, but the appeal of having another top 40 pick for our defense is more palatable than spending another $50 million on another back.

Tolbert isn't Stewart, and in an ideal world you'd have all of these backs, but it isn't - and I don't want tons of money into a trio of RBs if it means being talent poor on defense. In a year, will it be more important to have that $50 million into an immensely talented RB with another one already there, or into a playmaker on defense? That's Jon Beason money.

It's a delicate balance. Stewart is a main force on this team. He'll probably stay, and I'll be happy the team got what it wanted, but it'll be tough to stay competitive with two star RB, a star QB who runs a good deal, and a lot of roleplayers.
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