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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Naanee's throwback

Cam Newton's trick play (credited to Scott Turner, apparently) against Tampa Bay - which is saying something for a pro QB who runs a triple option - was a throwback from, and to, Legedu Naanee.

The most critical and interesting thing about that wasn't having a franchise QB catch a 20 yard pass that almost went the distance (and gives wildcat plays some legitimacy). It's that Naanee was the only other player so far to throw a football for Carolina. That's impressive, and right on plan.

Once you draft a guy like that, who needs the reps, you give it to him. Kudos, Carolina.

Naanee became the 15th non-QB to throw a pass (in the best chronological order I can come up with, Eric Guliford, Vince Workman, Guliford again, Ken Walter (P), William Floyd, Walter, Richard Huntley, Dee Brown, Todd Sauerbrun, Steve Smith, Ricky Proehl, Proehl again, Deshaun Foster, Keyshawn Johnson, Armanti Edwards, Brandon LaFell, and now Naanee). Eleven of those players, including 2/3rd of the guys with two shots at it, had incompletions. Guliford was 1/2, with one INT and one 46 yard reception. Notably, Richard Huntley somehow also has a sack; Brown, Johnson, and Floyd had INT to go with Guliford's.

Naanee, because of a single 20+ yard throw, was able to make it to 21st in pro passing for Carolina. Newton is the first QB to catch a pass from scrimmage, to go with his 13th rushing touchdown and 13th passing touchdown.

Might only be interesting to me, but it's interesting.
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