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Saturday, November 26, 2011

WRs work around Naanee

Not much to say about last week's blowout (stay the course - don't panic) or this week's game against Indy (we should win). I've almost published probably 30 stories this week and last, sorry about the lack of finishing for the few who read. I'm trying to figure outwhat the purpose of all this is, where it's going. In the meantime, I'm proud of Keiser's work the last few weeks, and here's a story about using others in place of Legedu Naanee.

Legedu Naanee might be out versus the Colts, and while it's not like losing Steve Smith, it's still losing a starting WR on a team that uses three receivers extensively.

So, now what?

Brandon LaFell is the obvious answer, and for many the answer ends there. But Carolina does use 3 guys a lot - even when not three wide, there's a lot of moving in and out of games for he and LaFell. LaFell starting isn't the only moving part.

Narrowing it down to just the extra WR (to negate the "use more TE", "use Olson as a WR" type conversations), you have the two slot WR/speed options, Kealoha Pilares or Armanti Edwards, and the size/speed outside option, Seji Ajirotutu. Tutu is the experienced one of the group, and so far Steve Smith has been the only receiver under 6' to play for Carolina this year. Ajirotutu is likely the one to benefit from the snaps. He has the wide catching radius and overall ability to benefit working with a sometimes-erratic Newton.

On the other hand, the slot pair could offer some level of change of pace, a new wrinkle to show. Pilares has been more explosive, but both he and Edwards can offer a backside WR screen, reverse, even option back look for Carolina that the bigger WR won't, and naturally a vertical option that will need to be developed over time.

It looks like all three will be active this week, and the team brought up Darvin Adams from the practice squad as well. It's possible that Naanee returns next week, Lafell goes back to #3, and Adams returns to the PS and Jerome Felton gets his job back*, and all of this was largely useless speculation.

But, with that said, there'd be time to discuss the failings at fullback, where Felton and Richie Brockel have done a middling job and Tony Fiammetta is killing it in Dallas.
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