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Thursday, August 4, 2011

WR Naanee signed

Carolina, after having offered WRs Santana Moss and Malcolm Floyd low contracts, gave one to Chargers WR Legedu Naanee.

The 6'2, 220lb former Boise State receiver was a special teamer only in his first two years, and openly complained about the role. Getting more time the last two years, he caught 24 balls for 242 yards in 09, with 2 TD; he caught 23 for 371 yards with 1 TD last year.

He was also arrested for public intoxication, at the scene of a homicide, while in Indianapolis over the offseason.

That aside, Naanee is a top flight special teamer who has direct knowledge of our offense. He's a tall posession receiver who's been mildly productive.

So is Wallace Wright, and so is Charly Martin (exceptng the part about our offense).

While I don't want to marginalize the youth, and specifically Brandon LaFell, it seems as if the big WR/Special Teamer is a position on this roster. That trio - Naanee, Wright, Martin - looks to be fighting for one spot.

It's hard to say what will happen with the rest - Steve Smith is on, and you can imagine LaFell and David Gettis have an inside line. There's one from the trio above for a special teams role, which makes four; that leaves one slot guy (Armanti Edwards or Kealoha Pilares). Maybe both of the last two will fit, but with three of the top four guys being bigger players, it's likely Steve Smith ends up in the slot.

I'm glad that it was Naanee, and not a greater, more esteemed player. Naanee can earn a spot on the roster, or he can be let go. It's a one year deal, no harm no foul. If there's an injury, there's probably no competition, which leaves us with a bit of a comfort level.

Now, for a cornerback.
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