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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fanfest: Naanee Makes Team

Made it to fanfest, and I'll just run down observations in a list.

*Only thing I tweeted about: Naanee. Wearing 6, this was his first practice, but you'd never know it. While he doesn't look fast, he's very sudden in shorter space. He doesn't look 220 lbs, either, which is big for any WR. His combine numbers included a 4.41 40, and that's actually relevant to a WR.
He came in and did very well at redzone receiving - a nice jump considering he landed in town the day before. Assuming he hasn't forgotten how to play special teams, he's in. I don't know who's out - Pilares and Edwards were both good, LaFell and Gettis were both hurt. Clowney was solid outside when used and Wright had a couple nice catches. If I had to guess at this point, Wright and Clowney become casualties of numbers and Gettis is traded (if he can get over his hamstrings and show up on-field).

Naanee was the only thing that I truly learned of interest, but plenty of observations were confirmed.
*Clausen is efficient. Looks like his release point is higher. He's more accurate, you can tell that coach Shula has done some positive things there. He doesn't push the ball downfield much, which is a shame because he has a solid deep arm. He just doesn't pull the trigger.

*Newton has a big arm. Newsflash, right? Still has trouble with accuracy on some outs. One thing that was new? Screen. There was a good screen to Goodson where he was able to do more than just fade a little bit. I see that in our future, a fake bootleg that draws more defenders in, and then dumps to the screen. Most screen action by the quarterback keeps a backpedal, instead of flipping the hips and moving around.

*Pike and Anderson took no snaps in scrimmage type situations. Weird. I guess they start running out of numbers but why not give someone like Pete Hoener, who has coordinating experience, and Scott Turner as coaches to oversee a B-team offense? Get some other players reps on the other half of the field. I think guys like Tyrell Sutton or Darvin Adams, who would've looked good in a normal Fanfest, got almost no time at all. I think they were low on linemen, though, so may have been hard to put together two extra units.

*short on CBs, and no one distinguished themselves. With Chris Gamble still gaining strength after stomach issues, and Captain Munnerlyn having a calf issue, that left CJ Wilson and new pickup Chevis Jackson as the most experienced CBs out there. Neither were standing out, and the young corners were worse.

Gamble and Munnerlyn are probably enough to start, but any team out there will look to spread Carolina and get a subpar corner on the field. I guess Kelvin Hayden wants too much money, because otherwise he's the best physical corner out there.
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