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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carolina Doesn't Need Malcolm Floyd

Recent rumors from Jason LaCanfora put Carolina in the hunt for WR
Michael Floyd.

A big, prototype Coryell receiver that just happens to come from the Chargers, obviously the same team that HC Ron Rivera and OC Rob Chudzinski left this offseason, Floyd does make sense here. Looking around, Pat Yasinskas says Carolina took a run at Santana Moss with a 3 year, $15 million contract that Moss had the Redskins match. If that's the case, I wonder why the team didn't make a stab at Derrick Mason, who
would've been a fairly cheap one year deal.

Until you look around and see what else we have.
Some are lower on David Gettis or Brandon LaFell than I am. I see their combined 1000 or so yards with terrible QB play, and see promise. I don't see Gettis as a one route guy at all - I don't see LaFell as a big stump with no hands. That's absurd. What I see is what I see in Floyd - a pair of big, tall receivers with a wide catching radius. In Gettis I also see the ability to get deep, a necessity in this offense. LaFell can even get deep when needed (see the amazing should've-been catch, bad officiating call from the end of the Cleveland game) and come down with a ball. Honestly, if you could get Gettis a little thicker, you'd have an almost ideal player once he has another year on him.

But, let's negate that. Let's say the 2nd and 3rd WR are less critical. I'd disagree - you have to have quality anywhere possible - but on the surface, I see the need to target Steve Smith with 10 balls. I see the need to get Deangelo Williams 15 total touches, and Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson should split around 20. Split Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey for another 10 at least. All those sound reasonable. And
that's 55 plays before you throw to any of four young receivers.

Floyd would be a steal at the $3 million a year being quoted. The staff knows him. It seems ideal, had we not burned four draft picks on wide receivers.
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