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Friday, July 15, 2011

Replacing Charles Johnson

Let's just call this Plan Z - and agree that Charles Johnson was our best player last year (I'll hear alternate arguments). Plans A-Y should all be focused on ways to re-sign Johnson, to not leave a huge gaping hole in the already airy Panthers DL.

But, this article is the dark, dark place in which Charles Johnson is no longer a Panther, and Carolina's attempting to pick up the pieces. Hopefully, a theoretical article is the only place this would happen.

So, now what? You have plenty of money to throw around you didn't expect to have, and you have to come up with rush. Let's start fresh and throw Tyler Brayton to the wolves, too.

*Ray Edwards - Next best option, Edwards is a fine player on a great line, but it's hard to say how much of it's help from the Williamses at DT.

*Raheem Brock, Seahawks - Brock slimmed down a bit form his Colts days, and no longer has to rush inside. Oddly, his bulk and versatility might work a bit better if the team did any 3-4, but Brock was just a better player as a thinner end (9 sacks versus an annual 4 sack average), and would work out just fine at left end. He has ties to DC turned DBs coach Ron Meeks.

*Jason Babin, Titans - a former 1st round bust, Babin somehow had 12.5 sacks last year. Buyer beware, but Babin could fit at end and drop into coverage if you believe he can pull off a repeat performance after 18 sacks in the seven seasons prior. Did play for Sean McDermott in 2009.

*Cullen Jenkins - Kris' brother, so not likely, but Jenkins can still play DE or DT, which makes him an ideal left end in a 4-3 base and can play outside, obviously 3-4, or at DT. Likely the most expensive option, also the most fun.

*Shaun Ellis, Jets - has plenty of age, but better at being Tyler Brayton than Brayton is. He's got leadership ability as well. He just can't offer you another five years.
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