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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random Thoughts Into Free Agency

It goes without saying, but it'll be said plenty more: Pre-free-agency will be about Charles Johnson. Gotta have him.

I'm OK with James Anderson or Thomas Davis (wow, how much has the lockout helped this guy?), but if we can't get both, I'm OK with Dan Connor at SLB.

Jeff King won't return. He just won't. Now, Dante Rosario may, but that may end up what the market will bear otherwise. Rosario fits, with the versatility of the offense and targets to secondary players. He was a top 3rd down guy for us.

Ron Rivera's a hard nosed and fair coach, but he hasn't shown much loyalty. He didn't pickup a bunch of Eagles when he moved to the Bears; he didn't pickup Bears for SD. I don't think that's against anyone he's coached, just that he likes making new players. He certainly did it with SD, where his best team was after Shawne Merriman and Antonio Cromartie were gone.

To that end, while I don't mind at all that Sherrod Martin or Jordan Pugh might move to corner in that situation, I wouldn't stay up waiting for Eric Weddle to come here.

I like the idea of Josh Wilson at CB. Link shows why. Guy can cover, but is still learning it.

Captain Munnerlyn, on that same vein, could play in this defense. He and Wilson would make for a lack of height, though. If we can get a starting CB, that seems to be worthwhile, and there are a few. But if not, Munnerlyn fighting for a job is just fine by me, as he finally started to play the ball last year.

I expect Steve Smith to stay. I don't expect a starting level OL or WR signed, which probably means at least one will happen.

I have no reason to expect Deangelo Williams to be here.
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