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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Newton - 90% of playbook installed?

Cam Newton has supposedly done game-line run throughs with the playbook, per Chris Weinke. Link gets you to the story, a decent one by the Observer.

It's good to hear. It's not replacement for actual installment, with the coaches and with his teammates (it would probably have been smart to invite at least the young guys, LaFell, Edwards, Pilares, and Gettis, to work out, but maybe they were invited), but it's a start. At least, when it's installed, Newton has a base to learn from, which is more than a lot of young players will have.

At the very least, it means that Newton will be able to work with coaches on what they want to stress, not an entire education. Maybe more time will be spent on pre-snap reads, working from center, and installing plays that they intend specifically for Newton.

Though, it's hard to believe that Chudzinski's famed 900-page playbook doesn't have anything or everything needed. Again - about that - the Coryell offense isn't about memorizing 900 different plays. It's about the combination of plays, of terminology. If you understand the terminology, you know the offense and what everyone's doing in it.

The idea that others have access to the playbook is misleading - if it were such a huge secret, players would just be IR'd to be kept instead of let go.

It's also weird, knowing that the coaches had to read about this through the newspaper.

Weinke has, at the very least, taken his assignment as a backup quarterback to heart. He wore a headset more than a helmet, and passed up a chance in 2006 to move onto another team to try to start when he decided to stay. Having tutored Newton after the draft (what happened to George Whitfield, anyway? Not that I have complaints), Weinke is gaining a name as a football coach with the third-party IMG training facility. I'm glad to see Weinke landed on his feet, and if he chooses to step away from IMG, it'd be nice to have him as a coach. It's sentimental, but you like to see guys grow into coaches the way Sam Mills did, or Ron Rivera did in Chicago. If I had it to do in 2007, I'd have definitely tried to hire Pete Metzelaars, now the OL coach in Indy.
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