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Friday, July 29, 2011

Midnight: Beason Paid, Olsen Details

The trade for Greg Olsen looked to have been in progress when it was broken by the Tribune; there were rumors that three different players could've been involved along with a draft pick. Those players were disparate and arrayed; Dan Connor (the most valuable), Armanti Edwards (the most bizarre), and Duke Robinson (the least likely to make the team, and the most fat).

It turned out he came over for a 3rd round pick. Would've been nice to get them down to a 4, but it's still a first round talent. Later this evening, he signed a 4 year, $24 million deal with $10 million up front.

Then, immediately after, they wrapped on a 5 year, $50 million deal for Jon Beason, of which he proclaimed himself to be the biggest MLB deal in the sport. The team had intended on an extension for years, first giving way to the Jordan Gross/Chris Gamble extensions and Julius Peppers fiasco, and then the CBA issues. So certainly, this was a needed contract.

Beason had one year left on his contract. He was an absolute bargain at 5 years, $6 million over the life of the contract; he had held out until signing, and then immediately stepped in and started leading the team (I remember very specifically that the late-reporting Beason was "able" to play through the fourth quarter in preseason games, to get up to speed) between then and now. And it looks like that will continue from here, for at least five more years.

Crazy, a day where a $10 mil per year extension to a franchise player doesn't fit on its own story.
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