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Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Agent Mess

CBA is done - great. It's well overdue.

So now what? This week is going to be ridiculous. Check out this schedule:
*Doors open tomorrow
*Rookies and UDFAs can be signed starting at 10am, along with trades.
*apparently, a no-tampering change to free agency gives original teams no time prior to other teams contacting them. All teams can start signing friday, but not before; still, they can talk to anyone.

It'll be a mess. Some teams are already talking to players about cutting them. I'm sure plenty of teams are already talking to free agents.

Chances are, what that will mean for Carolina is overspending on what they want. So, if that's the case, put what you can into Charles Johnson, but not Deangelo Williams or James Anderson. No offense to the other two, but you have the ability to find players at LB to compliment what you already have.

I gotta admit, I had a nice article written on who I'd like to see us go get as undrafted FA rookies (Martin Parker, Schuyler Oordt, Kristofer O'Dowd, Deandre McDaniel), and how we didn't need to neglect our undrafted rookie pool. But, now, I say forget it - go after your own guys, and send a couple coaches after some other guys (Brandon Mebane would be nice).

Some players will inevitably be in the building Tuesday. Good. Regardless of what Carolina wants to do, or what they can pull off, it'll be nice just to have a team.
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