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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Carlos Rogers; Derek Anderson

The rush of free agency is over, everyone's in camp now (it's been under a week, which is crazy).

The Panthers killed off most of their needs, and did so quickly, with their own guys. Afterward, the impact names from other teams drained off the board - and at prices that some wish had meant more restraint from the Panthers.

Now that they're into camp, they're seeing what's there, and what's not. Two of the most major holes look to be filled soon, possibly with familiar but caustic names to many.

Derek Anderson looks to be the QB of choice, with the team meeting with him Monday. Anderson is familiar with Carolina's concepts, having played under OC Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland for two years. So he knows the Coryell concepts, linking him with various coaches and players acquired this year.

The team has been speculated to have more interest in Marc Bulger, an older free agent who spent his entire career under Coryell guys (Martz in STL, Cameron in BAL), but Bulger apparently holds out hope for a starting job or a return to the Ravens. He poses a less volatile situation than Anderson, who has had run-ins with media and doesn't seem to have as much to teach young quarterbacks. Anderson also has a lower completion percentage over time.

The corner spot is the other urgent situation for the team - despite statements today by Ron Rivera that the team was looking harder at their own players, the persistent injury of CB Brandon Hogan has prompted them to look at veterans.

Carlos Rogers of the Redskins (6', 190) was a 9th overall pick from Auburn in 2005. He started 41 games, has 299 tackles, and 8 career interceptions.

While I certainly would've preferred Josh Wilson from the Ravens, who replaces Rogers, there was a time where people viewed the former 9th overall pick as a top flight corner. Wilson is gone, but I'd still prefer Kelly Jennings.

Right now, it looks like he simply plays things too safely, giving up a high percentage of targeted passes. Hopefully, they can get something worked out with Rogers or someone, as Captain Munnerlyn could start but at the very least needs a push; and this team can't afford to go without three solid corners.
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