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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cap Room: Kalil

Would it make more sense to leave Ryan Kalil at his franchise number?

Carolina has more cap space than any team, and now Cam Newton might take up less. A chunk will go into re-signing players, rookies, and new free agents, but maybe the team doesn't want to tie too much of it up into 2011 contracts that will escalate it by 2013-14, when the team would hope to be hitting stride.

So, putting a Kalil contract off a year might work.

For one, you don't have time to negotiate, since they have 72 hours to make things happen before rushing into free agency and camp.

More imporantly, an $11 million cap figure might be more beneficial than a new deal assuming you expect one. A reboot in 2012 for a new Kalil contract gives the team value then, when they know what that cap will look like.

Large one year deals might be a new thing, but could be a new norm if things go with the cap as I assume. Why not offer 2-3 contracts to pending free agents that pay them like franchise players? The long term risk is not there, the short term is shock value and not really weight bearing.
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