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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rivera Talks: Free Agents

Ron Rivera recently talked about free agency and where the team felt like they had holes after the draft:

“Well, I think there are a couple of positions we most certainly need to make sure there are some good veteran depth there. We’re going to look at some of the defensive positions. We made a couple of moves here in the draft, but we’d still like to see if we can find a veteran defensive line guy who could help us. You look at our linebackers and we’ve got a couple of guys who are coming back after injuries, so we’ve got to see if there’s potentially if there’s a veteran guy we could bring in. The same thing with the defensive back position. Offensively, we feel pretty comfortable with our offensive line and our running back situation. We’ve got to resolve the wide receiver position and see how all that unfolds once this is done. Our quarterback position is what it is right now. We’ve got to talk about where we want to head as far as the veteran back up is concerned."

So, summary needs:
QB - veteran with system experience, short term starter
WR - dependent on Smith (and it would be - otherwise we have 'enough')
DT - veteran. Likely run stopper, due to cost
DE - situational on Charles Johnson's intentions
LB - likely OLB, with emphasis on blitz ability
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