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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summary Through Day Two

*Cam Newton showed up today, talked to press. He's refined in his speech. Talked to advertisers, who will love him most of the time.

More importantly, he met with staff for five hours, says Sal Paolantonio. Which was important, since apparently there's a lockout again.

Also coming in (early), Jimmy Clausen. I'm sure it was for a playbook, and I'm sure some confident words from him to staff, to go with reassurance from the staff. Who knows if he remains here.

*Never did trade. Luckily.

It would've been nice to get athletic, strong DT Stephen Paea, just not strong enough to waste future picks on it. Luckily we didn't, and sitting at the top of 4 with the first pick we hopefully won't have a need to trade any more future picks.

*We received two DT, luckily since we're starved at the position.
For years it was Jenkins and Buckner, then swapping Lewis and Kemoeatu in for Buckner, and eventually out with Jenkins. Since, a bunch of nothing. Hopefully this tandem is ready to play, because they'll play.

Hard to remember back to preseason, when Tank Tyler and Louis Leonard were starters. Ed Johnson may or may not return. So these two rookies are what we have. Would definitely like to see Andre Neblett get plenty of work too.

*The more Ron Rivera gets into things, the more it makes sense that he's the young, idealistic type coach who's going to want to stop the run, to help create pressure. He won't be as passive about bringing that pressure, but there's definitely a renewed sense of the front four with these picks.

So, it may be very run the ball, stop the run. But it certainly won't be conservative. It will be interesting to see how much emphasis the OL gets tomorrow, versus the remaining need on defense at CB.
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