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Monday, April 25, 2011

Softli: It's Dareus

Just his opinion, but former Panther scout, turned college personnel director, and now former Rams VP, Tony Softli says he believes Dareus is the pick:

"They need defensive linemen. They have for awhile," says Softli, who also has a history with the Rams. "I really think they're gonna pass on Cam Newton. ... I really believe it's gonna be the defensive tackle." While we still take everything with a grain of salt, it's important to note that Softli's info has been solid this offseason. He was the first to point out Adrian Clayborn's Erb Palsy condition, and among the first to explicitly report on Ryan Mallett's drug use at Arkansas."

It's a bold choice, pushing that. So far, most are convinced of Cam Newton, or on rare occasion, a trade. Barring that trade (for value, not because we don't have young players), Dareus is what I'd want, by far over the others - I'd heavily advocate the trade itself except it comes with losing Dareus at pick 2 or 4.
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