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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Panthers Trading Back Up?

Sal Paolantonio reporting Carolina is willing to place a future early pick and the 65 pick into getting back into the 2nd round. Of course, Paolantonio isn't reporting it to much of anyone, since it didn't make it to air - nothing did. There was very little reporting at all for ESPN, just commentary.

At any rate, the trade is supposed to be for a DT or CB - both of which make sense, I'd only put TE with those two as far as youth needs, and TE seems deep. You could argue DT is deep, too.

As a fan, please don't. At some point you have to stop doing this, even things out and get back at a full draft in 2012.

Since any pleas will go unheard and Hurney will inevitably trade up, here's what's best available at DT, CB as of the 33rd pick:

*Stephen Paea, Oregon State - we make plenty of Pac-10 picks anyway, and Paea makes sense as a one-gap 3-4 or 4-3 hybrid. Great first step, great short space run defender, who needs to improve his change of direction and only bull rushes well so far.
*Drake Nevis, LSU - a little short at under 6'1, but highly productive one-gap player who, like Paea, could play any of the inside roles in Rivera's hybrid defense. Has more moves, but not as good of a first step and shorter arms.
*Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson - Looks to be a nose tackle. Top run defender with size that can become power, but with athleticism to still be one-gap. Another bull rusher without moves.

CB: only three CBs have come off the board, and you could argue why any of them could be the top player at the position. Here's what's left:
*Ras-I Dowling, Virginia - hard-nosed football player at corner. Good in man or zone, good deep, plays the ball bt doesn't take tons of chances and plays the run tough.
*Ryan Hill, Miami - raw player because of injuries, but physically all you want with a hard working demeanor.

If they traded up later in the 2nd, look for:
*Kenrick Ellis, Hampton - oversized two gapper, who could fit as a nosetackle
*Marvin Austin, UNC - could be dominant, fits for size and athleticism as a one gap guy. You have to buy into character with this guy, which is why I'd put him closer to 45-50 than 33.

*Rashard Carmichael, VT - shorter (5'9) but longer arms and no other real limitations. Great feet, athleticism, and zone awareness.
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