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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newton, or not?

Nolan Nawrocki says the Panthers aren't interested in Cam Newton:

though this is the same reporter who trashed Newton thoroughly with character and technique concerns earlier in the week.

Let's be honest, the Cam debate has been beaten soundly to death at this point. With guys like Mel Kiper recently pushing Newton to #1 overall - without anything to change their opinion - punditry is really very affected by itself. One outlet upgrades a guy, so others must, too. They're compared against each other, and available to do so.

Teams don't have that, which is why you regularly see shock and amazement that teams' draft boards don't match the media's - which often tends toward a consensus since they influence each other's.

So in this last few weeks of draft coverage, keep in mind that no one knows what Carolina's draft board actually looks like. Not Nolan Nawrocki, not Mel Kiper. Not Warren Moon or a suddenly silent Cecil Newton. Hopefully, Nawrocki's right, personally. I'd prefer that. But, if Nolan's reporting is accurate, he could be screwing it up for us anyway.
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