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Friday, April 29, 2011

#97, Sione Fua, NT, Stanford

Fua (6'1, 307) is a big, strong nosetackle, who excels at getting off the ball low and fast. He's tough to move, tough to get under his pads, and tough to beat mentally or physically. He's the type nose tackle that championship teams have.

He has a little mobility, but lacks in athleticism, and scouts are split on whether or not he can become a legitimate pass rusher. He can learn to use his hands better, and will need to learn a move or two, but whether his feet are good enough to allow it to go toward productivity is harder to say. Still, his role will be bringing up the third-and-longs that allow you to punish the QB - him being able to produce on 3rd down would simply be a bonus.

I like it. I watched a ton of Stanford football the last two years, with their Coryell-style offense and tough defense. Fua's a legit player. Some sites had him lower, but he's a good fit here.
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