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Friday, April 29, 2011

#65 - Terrell McClain

McClain (6'2, 297, South Florida) is a well built, active run stopper at DT. Good feet, flashes athleticism, and can

He's athletic enough to play nose, off the guard, or outside on the tackle if you're shaded over or giving a 3-4 look. He has a good first step, can work laterally, and can stunt/slant.

However, he looks like a rotation player right now, can push the pocket, but doesn't have great moves. He doesn't always show the athleticism, because he needs to get better conditioned. It shouldn't be hard, and with 29 reps at combine, he's on his way to having a lot of strength. One place I personally don't think he can overcome is a smaller base, so he won't consistently overpower from the trunk. But in a one-gap scheme, not the worst thing.

I wanted Drake Nevis, but we got a similar player without the size limitations or the short arms. No complaints on this pick, a definite need.
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