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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rivera Talking All The Time

When Jerry Richardson talked about the new coach being "what they want" instead of just "what the coach wants", it appears offense wasn't the only thing on their mind.

Being more media friendly has to be part of it. Rivera, quoted plenty as a player and assistant coach, is popping up everywhere. From commenting on new Eagles DC Juan Castillo, to going on Profootballtalk live to talk about free agents, he's been on the clock as a media quotable since being hired.

It makes sense, since he came from TV before coaching. A GM that came from news couldn't have missed that. But, it's also a stark change from the last guy, who did a lot of doublespeak and dismissed media often.

The problem? local media isn't picking it up. There's not a regular discussion with Rivera, and yet Rivera's still talking.

Rivera went on NFL Live on ESPN this week, talking about how he felt Marcel Dareus is the better player between he and Nick Fairley. Some suggest the smokescreen was in play, stating he raved more about Fairley. Still, I can say with certainty, no Panthers coach has openly discussed player ratings with media.

Then, he discussed the idea that Patrick Peterson isn't a bad choice at #1 just because he's a CB:

the thing is, though, the local media isn't touching it. None of this has made what should be the top source about what the team might do, which has apparently chosen to be on the sidelines. No wonder Rivera's talking to other sources.
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