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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PA offered 2010 rollback

The aftermath of last Friday's eventual NFLPA decertification and NFL lockout won't be fully known for months, if not years. I'm squarely behind the owners in this one (2006 deal was bad, and the owners still tried right up to the end; the PA didn't really deal and then made outrageous demands before cutting things off), but the PA did offer one suggestion I've stated they should do - roll things back to 2010 rules.

2010 rules would ensure football through 2011, and a 2012 draft. Those two are critical to the survival of the league, and two things they don't currently have. Carolina, specifically, would benefit from being able to work out now, installing the offense and defense to a ton of new, young players.

2010 rules would also give teams a lot of things they've prepared for -
a franchise tag and restricted free agency (extended to 4th and 5th year players). It would allow Carolina up to a full year to retain long term deals with Deangelo Williams, Charles Johnson, and so on; it would give them players like James Anderson and Richard Marshall at low-rent one year deals, allowing time to work younger players into roles.

But, 2010 didn't have the rookie wage scale. That seemed to be settled, but I don't know how easily that would've ported into rules that otherwise would remain unchanged, and under the idea that the rookie scale was to push benefits to other entities. Without a rookie pay scale, Carolina would've grossly overpaid for a #1 overall rookie, unable to dish the deal off.
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