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Friday, March 11, 2011

Decertification And You

With Jeremy Shockey, the Panthers picked up the last free agent before labor unrest officially came due.

With the NFLPA decertifying, they may be bookending Shockey with the next player assigned in the league. There won't be free agency before the draft with decertification.

Decertification means the NFLPA gave up. In my opinion, the league gave a good stab at the last offer, the PA wouldn't budge, and decertification makes them look unwilling to continue to work. Here's more on decertification itself:

and here's the last offer the league gave:

If they go the hardcore litigation route, there won't be free agency before the draft.

Otherwise, there'll be 2010 rules, which means the team can choose to keep almost their entire team together through restricted free agency.
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