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Friday, March 25, 2011

Clausen Press

It's been an interesting week for heir-apparent of the moment Jimmy Clausen, sitting back and watching the press pick any of various quarterbacks for his team. He recently returned from the Bahamas, and curiously, retweeted a motivational statement from someone who isn't actually Beyonce Knowles.!/jimmyclausen

I'll spare analysis of whether it's better that Clausen would unknowingly retweet a Beyonce impersonator, did it knowingly, or follows either the real or fake thing. It's all suspect.

At any rate, Ron Rivera says Clausen got too much blame, in one of the least encouraging ways to support a young quarterback.

Marty Hurney was more encouraging:

So will they replace him?

It's obviously more complicated than that. First, Clausen won't be leaving, unless he's traded. There's apparently a market for him still, though they'll never get back that mid-2nd round pick.

They need a veteran anyway, so it's not a matter of who will play right now. That's the amazing thing, that you have to learn from last year's debacle and understand all this quarterback talk is talk. Whoever plays next year most likely won't be among the group being discussed.
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