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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shockey: Misfit; Newton and QB speed

There's no doubt that Jeremy Shockey can play, and he fits the vertical offense we want to run.

At 30, speed is a bit of a concern, and he can't stay consistently healthy. It's not a Bob Sanders level injury concern, but he misses time every season now. His attitude is a concern, and clashing with Steve Smith is clearly a situation you'd need to watch.

Since the labor situation makes it unlikely they'll sign him anyway, it's all but meaningless that he's in for a visit. It's still a positive step forward from previous ideals.

Tons going around about Cam Newton. I don't like him, and don't think he's suddenly reformed because his agent is feeding him lines anymore than his charisma makes him less of a project.

His 4.58 40 shows his athleticism, which is good - and what we knew. Of course, this offense isn't predicated behind QB draws and option runs, but it can be useful. Some of the Coryell Offense's ideals come from 5 and 7 step drops that are predicated on quick drops, quick release, and hitting the release right on that odd-numbered step - no holding the ball, no time to sit and read. He, and Jake Locker, fit that part. Both, of course, need even the most basic of coaching, though.
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