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Saturday, February 5, 2011

RBs coach, LBs coach in

John Settle is the new RBs coach, and Warren Belin is the new LBs coach.

Quick synopsis:
both were college coaches, very good college players from NC raising and NC schools (despite that, they're considered smart coaches).

Marshville, NC; Wake Forest LB 87-90, graduating cum laude from a very good school; he coached with stops at William & Mary, Cornell and East Tennessee State, before heading to SMU, a decade tenure at Vanderbilt (which included growing responsibility including special teams coordinator, then recruiting coordinator). He jumped to Georgia last year, then got our call this year.

He's tied to Sean McDermott, having coached at W&M in 1995-96 while McDermott was a player. Belin is the only coach on the defensive staff without pro coaching experience (actually, the only staffer without pro experience other than Proehl, who has no coaching experience at all, and Turner, with 5 years college experience), but has been coaching since 1991. Any pro experience will be caught up fast - consider Rivera (a 9 year pro LB, with 7 years experience coaching the position), McDermott (coached linebackers twice with the Eagles) as able tutors.

Reidsville, NC native, Appalachian St. RB, undrafted. 1000 yard rusher and Pro Bowler for the Falcons in 1988, and won the Super Bowl with the Redskins (he didn't play that year). He was the first undrafted RB to rush for 1000 yards, a rare feat considering the draft went a lot farther than 7 rounds - over 330 players were drafted back then.

Coached with AppSt in 94 after ending his pro career, then spent 95-98 with the Browns/Ravens as a third tier assistant. He followed staffer Pat Hill, who'd become the head coach at Fresno State, and was there eight seasons, six of which included 1000 yard rushers.

At Wisconsin, coached under Paul Chryst. Had 1000 yard rushers each of his years there, and led the big 10 in rushing the last four. He was there five years as RBs coach before getting called back to the NFL with Carolina this week.

The team needs a strength and conditioning coach, and teams often hire assistants to that coach. Why that's a coaching, and not training, title I have no idea, but it is. They may, and probably should, hire a young assistant DBs coach and special teams assistant, but they have plenty of staff if not.

sorry, I've been on the road the last few days. A sick child, followed by a great concert by the lovely Jill Andrews, and all day today celebrating various birthdays. More to come later.
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