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Friday, February 11, 2011

Armanti Edwards: Out Of Shape?

Looks like Duke Robinson wasn't the only young Panther to show up behind schedule in conditioning. The Charlotte Observer reports now, in February, that Edwards was out of shape in August.

Setting aside the idea that Edwards being out of shape never seemed to be breached when it was topical - and that staffers from the Observer routinely blamed John Fox for not putting Edwards on the field more - it's still interesting news. And it took a baiting question to Antwan Randle-El at the Super Bowl to bring local news about a local player, from the local team, to report it.

Of course, Edwards knows how he needs to train for next year, now. I'm a little surprised no one got with him on it at the time, and it's always amazing to hear about a player who goes through the combine process looking for a shot at stardom and riches, but isn't in peak physical condition. If Edwards expected to be a QB only, sure, his 40 time is less critical, but he'd still want to show as an exceptional specimen and prospect. I mean, at 5'11 and a lefty, he'd have to show something exceptional at something.

So I don't know if it's time to legitimately question Edwards' work ethic. He's going through a terribly rough transition, from 1-AA QB to NFL receiver and returner. He won't make the field if he can't play this year, which turns him from project to

But, when all is said and done, if this pick doesn't work out, there'll be worry whether Edwards did enough. With that said, I guess I can see why the Observer might hold back that info - keep it quiet, don't taint the young player. Maybe Edwards truly lucked out getting a draw from the home team. Other rumored teams - NE seems to come up often, even though we traded with them to get the pick for Edwards - have media that would've given him a much harder hill to climb to get over that stigma.

The truth is, he's behind the two other young receivers, and if the front office does what they needed to do last year (bring in a veteran), Edwards may be out in the cold. He's less imposing than the other two, has less experience at the pro and college level at WR, and now has to work twice as hard to make up time.
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