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Monday, January 31, 2011

WR coach: Fred Graves

The Tennesseean reports Titans WR coach Fred Graves is leaving the Titans for the same position with Carolina. Graves has 35 years experience, including 19 at Utah where he was an alum, and coached / recruited Steve Smith. Graves has been in the pros for a decade with Buffalo, Cleveland, TN, and Detroit.

Smith and Graves shared a kinship and a hometown...they are both LA natives. Smith has been on record as having lobbied for Graves before.

Graves is the 6th offensive coach hired so far, including third-tier assistants. The team still has two expected offensive vacancies, at TE coach and RB coach.

It's less clear whether the team will still attempt to hire Ricky Proehl as a coaching assistant. Graves will obviously coach WR, and while Scott Turner's official role will be as a quality control coach, his background is WR as well. Would there be separate room for another coach? I have a hard time believing it, but I would be open to it. I'm always in favor of third-tier assistants helping out.
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