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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thoughts On Rob Ryan

Greg Manusky was announced last night as the 3rd interview; Rob Ryan was announced today as the 4th. It looks like this pair join the other pair of defensive coordinators as the four interviews the team will allow.

Rob, 48, defensive coordinator for the Browns this year and for the Raiders for years before that, has football in his blood. It's harder to say that it hasn't made him crazy, and he's no less so than twin brother Rex, head coach of the Jets, or father Buddy, architect of various great defenses and bad teams throughout my lifetime.

Greg, 44, is DC for the 49ers. They had trouble filling the job last (Mike Nolan was the coach then, and had issues with getting the right DC). He worked with Marty Schottenheimer as LBs coach starting in 2001, went with him to San Diego, and joined the 49ers in 2007. He played in the league for 12 years before that, with the Redskins, Vikings, and Chiefs. He was with the Redskins when GM Marty Hurney was a staff assistant there.

Of the two, Ryan's by far the better coach. Had, at one point, dominating defenses in Oakland. He comes from the Patriots system, can run the 4-3 (which is necessary for this team), and is an aggressive coach. He'd be an exciting, strong coach who seems to make sense running a team.

Manusky, in comparison, doesn't have the name recognition as a player or coach, doesn't have the resume, and hasn't accomplished much. He brings strong communication skills, but the rest is essentially unknown.

Ryan's biggest detraction is his mouth - he was insubordinate to then-Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin at times, and his family has a long history of speaking their minds in distasteful ways. That might be too much for Jerry Richardson, fond of quieter coaches in the media as far as negatives or criticism.

So, with four coming in, I like Ron Rivera and Rob Ryan of the group. Hopefully, the hire will be between those two.
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