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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rivera It Is?

Conflicting reports are coming out (including some very irresponsible 'journalism' quoting Peter King as twitting something he hasn't), but we know this - Ron Rivera will get a 2nd interview.

There aren't rumors about Ryan or Manusky, but Perry Fewell has been rumored to not be asked back. It's hard to say how accurate that is - it suggested Fewell won't get a 2nd look in Denver either, and it came around while Fewell was still interviewing with Denver.

As well, it looks like Brian Schottenheimer isn't a candidate. It didn't mention whether the team was unwilling to wait, or unimpressed. Hopefully, they were unimpressed.

So, absent of another candidate, Rivera may be the guy. And given that one candidate has made it to round 2, hard to believe too many coaches are left to start round 1.

For reference, John Fox received a second interview after a reported 5 interviews in the first round of 2002 interviews - he was announced the next day as the 3rd head coach of the Carolina Panthers. There's no date for Rivera's 2nd interview, but it's worth betting that there's a press conference to follow.
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