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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Post-Presser: Rivera impressions

Jotting down a quick series of thoughts, after having watched Ron Rivera

*Rivera doesn't speak in cliche. To make analogies to him as a defender, he makes no false steps. When he speaks, and hopefully when he acts, it's with purpose.

*He impresses with his knowledge and how easily it flows out. The season's been over a week, and Rivera seems up to speed enough to know where he wants the core players already, quoting names (and when blanking, jersey numbers) on offense and defense.

*He has a clear vision for this team. Good buzzwords (aggressive, active) without

*He seems to be overly interested in working with the defense, already the strength of the team. Be mindful in a half-hour of reasons why he'll be different than John Fox, that Fox had this same problem. A head coach must know how to delegate, and not get overly wrapped up on details of the play to play action. A great coordinator must think a play, two plays ahead. A great head coach has to be mindful of thousands of plays in the past and future.

*This quote stood out, so I'll just leave it:
"As a college player, my goal was to be drafted into the NFL. I did that. As an NFL player, my goal was to be on a superbowl winning team. I did that too. As a defensive coordinator, my goal was to have the best defense in the league. I did that twice. As a head coach, my goal will be to build a championship team that is a threat year after year. There's a lot of work to be done, and I don't plan to sit on my past accomplishments, but I haven't failed a goal yet. Try me."

*Jerry Richardson is just not good at his most public role. Marty Hurney, Danny Morrison are paid to do this for a living - let them. I understand the want, even the need, to be the front man, but at least let someone write down what you need to say.
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