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Monday, January 3, 2011

Perry Fewell A Candidate

Perry Fewell, defensive coordinator of the New York Giants, has been requested for interview by the Carolina Panthers.

Fewell (48) has been with the Giants just this year, and finished 2009 as the interim head coach of the Bills after starting there as defensive coordinator in 2006.

He's from Gastonia and played at Lenior Rhyne.

Fewell's defense in 2010 finished 7th overall, #1 in takeaways, and 6th in net yards. It did fade down the stretch, with the late collapse against Philadelphia (38 points) and Green Bay (45 points). His Buffalo defenses weren't exceptional - 18th, 31st, 14th, 19th, but did finish 2nd in pass defense in 2009.

Cleveland also requested Fewell, and will likely interview him as well.

So - my thoughts? Fewell may very well be a fine coach - and he fits, in that he runs a 4-3. I haven't seen much if at all that suggests he is above average, or that he's an exceptional coordinator or motivator. He doesn't have many flaws, either. He seems like a good communicator, well liked, and

And I could care less that he's from Gastonia.

Who could he bring?

Since Fewell is on an existing staff, he can't count on anyone from the Giants to come along. He coached with current/former Panthers WR coach in 2009 with Buffalo, and current/former Bills DB coach George Catavolos is still in Buffalo (which could be a staff that's let go soon).
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